The Apple Award was established as a way for the President of the Board of Governors to acknowledge exceptional contributions  by volunteers.  The award is given at the discretion of the President.

Apple Awards 2013-14 President Cherol Thibaut

Amanda Jackson
Merrick Mohler
Ken Clark
Preston Murchison

Apple Awards 2010-2011Kirkwood Theatre Awards 80th season

President-Danny Austin
Doug Chapis
Rebeca Davidson
Cherol Thibaut
JD Wade
Susan Wolff

Apple Awards 2009-2010

President Cherol Thibaut
Jim Arnet
Brandon Atkins
Bob Hotze
Frank Lewis
Judy Lewis

Apple Awards 2008-2009

President Cherol Thibaut
Kent Coffel
Harold Feltmann
Gary Sibbitts


Acting classes and classes on the fundamentals and basics of Improv Comedy.


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