Kirkwood Theatre Awards 80th seasonThe YDF awards are a KTG tradition for recognition of our artistic and technical volunteers.  For each show the Assistant Director and the Technical Director decide who will receive the honors. Whimsical or serious these awards are to say ”thank  you” for a job well done! The awards are announced at the Annual Meeting and Season Celebration held in June.

2015-2016 Awards

Apple Award Recipients:

Kent Coffel
Ken Lopinot
Linda Menard

You Did Fine Award Recipients:

Artistic: Will Shaw – “Detective Columbo Award”
Technical: Jacob Winslow – “Am I done with the Lights Yet?” award

Enchanted April
Artistic: Anna Werner – “The AP Award” Always Prepared and Always Pleasant award
Technical: Judi Herrbach Lowe – “The Creating Italy” award

The Murder Room
Artistic: Stephanie Merritt – “Down but Not Out” award
Technical: Kristin Rush – “Displaying the least drama in a non-dramatic role” award

The Addams Family
Artistic: Brittani O’Connell – The “Raging Team Player and Professional” Award
Artistic: Sam Bippen – The “Can’t Get Me?” Award
Technical: Russ Wertz – “The Moon Struck Award” for being a master master carpenter
Technical: Liz Pacheco – the “Stepping Up Award”

Twisted Improv
Mike Neuman – “Crowd Pleaser Award”

2014-2015 Season You Did Fine Award Recipients

39 Steps
Artistic: Ryan E. Glosemeyer – “Comedy First” award
Technical: Amanda Jackson – “Setting the Stage with Sound” award

Fox on the Fairway
Artistic: Ryan E. Glosemeyer – “Steppin’ up and Steppin’ in” award
Technical: Merrick Mohler – For the “Smallest Golf Course, Trees, and Golfers We Ever Saw” award

Radium Girls
Artistic: Grace Knobbe – “I Won’t Cry Dammit No Matter How Many People Poke Me” award
Technical: Julie Healey – “Paint it Black So No One Will See It” award

Thoroughly Modern Millie
Artistic: Libby Griesedieck – “Perfect Attendance Award” award
Artistic: Melanie Kozak – “Community Swing” award
Technical: Destiny Graham – “The Best Backstage Organizer, Mover and Shaker” award
Technical: Deanna Garcia – The best “I can’t Hear You” award


KTG “You Did Fine” Awards 2013 – 2014

“I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”
    ARTISTIC-Kelsey Ruthman “I Love You But Not the Arm Sling”
    TECHNICAL-Melanie Palmer “Mastering the Layered Look”

“All My Sons”
     ARTISTIC-Jeff Kargus “Best Smile and Emotions Displayed on Stage”
     TECHNICAL-Merrick Mohler “For Designing a House Everyone Wanted To Move Into”

“Musical Comedy Murders of 1940”
     ARTISTIC -Sally Sinclair “Lady Playing a Man Playing a Lady”
     TECHNICAL-Judi Lowe “The Book Binder”

“9 to 5” the Musical
     ARTISTIC -Gary Bortosky “I’m No Dancer, But I Can Still Bust a Move”
     ARTISTIC -Natasha Toro “It Ain’t Easy Being Green”
     TECHNICAL-Ken Clark  "Copy That
     TECHNICAL-Melanie Palmer "Ruling the World from a 2’ x 2’ Square"


Lifetime Member is an honorary title bestowed as an acknowledgement of significant contribution by an individual throughout their association with the Kirkwood Theatre Guild.  The President of the Guild is responsible for naming those to be honor so long as certain criteria have been met.  The individual must be in good standing with the Guild, provided a minimum of 15 years’ service to the Guild, served at least one term on the Board of Governors in any capacity and contributed significantly to at least 50 Guild productions.

Lifetime Members to date:

JT Taylor  awarded by President Cherol Thibaut in June2014

Joan Thomas awarded by President Danny Austin in June2012

Bert Wunderlich awarded by President Cherol Thibaut in June 2009

Jason Weissenburger  awarded by President Cherol Thibaut in June 2009

Beverly Weissenburger  awarded by President Cherol Thibaut in June 2009

Steve Abling awarded by President Cherol Thibaut in June 2009

Lifetime Member Joan Thomas

Paul Thomas  awarded by President Steve Abling  in June 2006

Polly Cummings  awarded by President Anthony Mullin  in June 2000

Mim Kittner awarded by President Anthony Mullin  in June 1999

Merrick Mohler  awarded by President Jackie Dames in June 1977

Martha Jane Mohler awarded by President Jackie Dames in June 1977

The Apple Award was established as a way for the President of the Board of Governors to acknowledge exceptional contributions  by volunteers.  The award is given at the discretion of the President.

Apple Awards 2013-14 President Cherol Thibaut

Amanda Jackson
Merrick Mohler
Ken Clark
Preston Murchison

Apple Awards 2010-2011Kirkwood Theatre Awards 80th season

President-Danny Austin
Doug Chapis
Rebeca Davidson
Cherol Thibaut
JD Wade
Susan Wolff

Apple Awards 2009-2010

President Cherol Thibaut
Jim Arnet
Brandon Atkins
Bob Hotze
Frank Lewis
Judy Lewis

Apple Awards 2008-2009

President Cherol Thibaut
Kent Coffel
Harold Feltmann
Gary Sibbitts


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