Mission Statement

The Purpose of the Kirkwood Theatre Guild is to present theatrical productions for the enjoyment of its members and the community and to stimulate interest in the dramatic arts.

2013-2014 Kirkwood Theatre Guild Board of Directors

President-Cherol Thibaut
Vice President/Treasurer-Richard La Violette
Secretary-Deanna Garcia
Artistic Manager-James Kuhlman
Production Manager-Dani Mann
Publicity Manager-Janice Bruns-Mantovani
Executive Director-Terry Sibbitts


Kirkwood Theater Guild Board 2013-2014

Front: James Kuhlman, Cherol Thibaut, Richard La Violette
Back: Janice Bruns-Mantovani, Deanna Garcia, Terry Sibbitts, Dani Mann


Acting classes and classes on the fundamentals and basics of Improv Comedy.


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The Kirkwood Des Peres Chamber of Commerce